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June 19, 2007

Toledo govt's role in booking music acts - City government gets involved in a private business, but it does not monitor its own taxpayer-funded entertainment org. - More>>
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Does anyone know about tenant rights in Ohio? - Or can you direct me to some informational sites? I have a friend who just told me that their landlord forbids them to have air conditioners and there is no central air in these townhouses. This strikes me as not just cruel, but perhaps illegal. Thanks for any help.
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Public Forum for Lake Erie Lakewide Management Plan - I received this press notice and am passing it along for anyone interested. - More>>
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Antioch College is closing for a few years - A unique educational model meets a thinning of resources. - More>>
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Lucas County ESC - The Lucas County Educational Service Center is a multi-million dollar public educational agency serving school districts in the Greater Toledo Metropolitan area. Unfortunately, this public organization, its programs and services, and its five-person elected governing board are often over-looked and under-reported. This message thread is an attempt to keep the public informed.
Here is the previous thread which is now closed to further comment. And here is the other previous thread which is also closed to further comment.

posted by RolandHansen to education at 1:12 P.M. EST     16 comments - I know some of you that participate on ToledoTalk are from Monroe County. This site was just launched for Monroe County, MI to talk about things going on, post pictures and share/view events happening. Maybe not yet as cool as Toledo Talk, but it is pretty slick! - More>>
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June 18, 2007

Farm Bill 2007 database - "[T]he Environmental Working Group (EWG) released their latest and greatest version of the (in)famous farm subsidy database. The database can be accessed through their MULCH blog. The new database also utilizes Google Maps to map recipients of farm program payments. Whether you live in a rural or urban area, you are guaranteed to be surprised by the number and size of recipients that live in your area. For the first time ever, the database incorporates additional data provided by the USDA that more accurately tracks farm program payments to individual beneficiaries." Map of Toledo area.
posted by jr to politics at 11:12 P.M. EST     4 comments

A solution to global warming amongst other things.... - From the author of this (he said please at the very end of his letter and it would be impolite perhaps rude to not abide): (points to
- More>>
posted by charlatan to health at 11:07 P.M. EST     4 comments

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