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July 15, 2005

He's 21, a U.T. grad , running for city council - He is blind in the natural, but
He has a vision to get young college grads to stay in Toledo. He is an East sider, I was his neighbor for years.
Meet Ernest Berry ( and his guide dog Calypso)

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Real Estate Bubble? - Experts from Alan Greenspan to Warren Buffet have been fretting over the possibility of a bubble in the housing market. - More>>
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Zoo and Westfield Mall are too white - It must be difficult to live every moment searching for "color" disparity around every corner. When is there time for fun? - More>>
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I LIKE TOLEDO TALK... - Toledo Talk, is a GREAT Avenue to use to discuss ISSUES, DEBATE with one another, LEARN other's IDEAS, THOUGHTS, VIEWS... - More>>
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Korean War Memorial - Finally, the Korean War Veterans are going to have a memorial in the Civic Center Mall. It's to be strategically placed (chronological order) between the circular "eternal flame" memorial and the newer Vietnam Memorial. - More>>
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Lacking Motivation? Unleash Your Potential with Les Brown - I received this via email today and it looked so interesting I wanted to pass it along. - More>>
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