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July 17, 2006

Vocabulary word of the day - Kakistocracy - I saw this word on a sign in Ottawa Hills, and it was a stumper, so I hadda come home and look it up. - More>>
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Recent interesting ideas from Ben Konop - Via the GCJ: "[F]our-part proposal promoting openness and accessibility in county government." And "[P]roposal to switch the county's computer system from Microsoft to open source software." - More>>
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News Bulletin/Toledo City Council bombshell - This afternoon's city council meeting was regarding a proposed 'Minimum Habitability' ordinance. In that all real estate transactions of any type (except those made by banks and lenders) would be required to include a certificate of minimum habitability. - More>>
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Why is my use of obscenity a problem when our President and VP use dirty words too? - So Dick Cheney said "go f--k yourself" to a Senator on the floor of the Senate, and Bush can use the s-word to describe Hezbollah's actions to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, but people on this board criticize my mouth? What the f--k? And let's not forget how the FCC's got a hard-on for penalizing anyone for anything they deem obscene. Y'all impeached Clinton for getting a b--wj-b in the Oval Office, because extramarital sexual acts are bad, getting them in the Oval Office is worse, and it's super double plus wrong to lie about it. Why aren't you impeaching Bush and Cheney for their potty mouths? If you're prepared to accept this behavior from your elected leaders, then why criticize ME? And if you're not prepared to accept it from them, then you ought to be punishing THEM "pour encourager les autres". - More>>
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Listen to the WSPD afternoon show today - Via the Glass City Jungle blog, Maggie Thurber will be guest hosting this afternoon for Brian Wilson. She will speak with psyche777 a little after 3:30 about "blogs and blogging in general especially how it relates to encouraging political involvement and the role of blogs as an alternative news source."
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Paperwork - The New Tool Against Terror - Here's good news - the Ohio Department of Homeland Security has created...a new piece of paperwork to root out terrorists. State employees, vendors, and people seeking state licenses must answer six questions about themselves (the answer is always "No," and the form lets you know up front). - More>>
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