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August 12, 2005

pox - jeep gal you think there only to pox with 85 on pqx at stickney better count again in spection look they are 4 with 85 and been in there 9 years and keeping playing the game funny thing is i see them out roofing and cutting tree and boating watersking but they have a bad back and there alot more some look jeepgal and ask your union for a list you will be shocked
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Do the Mud Hens support sweatshop workforce? - "Gildan Activewear has been a major target of the anti-sweatshop campaign. The company has been closing North American plants and relocating to places like Haiti and Nicaragua, where workers’ rights are nearly non-existent and rarely enforced. Sweat Free Baseball Campaign has chapters in New York, Wisconsin and Pittsburgh."
This long-sleeve 2006 All-Star game t-shirt, which contains the Mud Hen mascot, is being sold at the Mud Hens online store. In the picture of the shirt, you can clearly see the Gildan label.
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Ohio Troops - Unfairly Taxed - Ohio beats Michigan hands down in many ways, but falls short on a critical one – taxation of military personnel. Michigan soldiers do not pay state income tax on military pay – meager as it might be (less than $1400 a month for junior personnel). Ohio soldiers pay the tax man from their first day of service until they enter a combat zone (CZ). Once there, military pay is exempt, but the moment they leave the CZ, Ohio starts taxing them again. - More>>
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