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August 12, 2006

Fifth Third Bank warns customers of e-mail con - Fifth Third Bank (Northwestern Ohio) and its online customers are the latest victims of increasingly sophisticated "phishing" schemes that attempt to extract personal information from people who are unaware banks don't ask for it through e-mails. Source: Julie M. McKinnon @
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Golf Cart Crackdown in Port Clinton - Golf carts and all-terrain vehicles have become a popular form of transportation at marinas and campgrounds across the township. And they've turned into a traffic hazard, township police Chief Jody Hatfield said. Township police and area authorities have begun stringent enforcement to keep them off township and state roads after repeated minor accidents and complaints, Hatfield said. Source: Port Clinton News Herald - More>>
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Auto Repair question - electric system - My wife's car is having some electrical problems. You can get it started if you play with it, but any time you do anything electrical, ie turn on or off the headlights, use the turn signals, etc, it shuts off. AND when it's shut off, you cannot put it in gear! - More>>
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What were these kids thinking - A very scary situation - I was at work and my 20yr old was holding a yard sale at out home. I get a call from my frantic 12yr old that 'Toni said some kids were making a bomb'. Toni gets on the phone and tried to explain, right away I knew it was a situation to call 911. I screamed "get all the kids in the house and call 911" into the phone and hung up on her. I didn't know all the details yet but I knew that it was a bad situation. She called me back and explained that 2 boys about 11-13 had came to the yard sale and asked to trade an item for teaching my 8yr old son how to make a bomb. My daughter over heard and told them to leave the yard she didn't wanna call the cops on some dead kids. They walked across the street ... - More>>
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Another strike against small business in Toledo - "Outside a Shell station on Lagrange Street yesterday afternoon, a community coalition leader raised his bottle of King Cobra malt liquor for the news cameras. - More>>
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3 MORE arrested with phones: 1000 of them! - CAR0 -- Days after two Arab-American men from Dearborn were charged in Ohio with terrorism for buying numerous cell phones, three Palestinian men were arrested in Michigan's Thumb area with about 1,000 such phones, authorities said. - More>>
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