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September 20, 2005

TPS Students Denied Bus Ride For No ID - 13 -year old twins, students at McTigue Junior High, have been repeatedly denied rides on TPS busses. Their offense - forgetting their ID cards. - More>>
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Ford gets Award from the Small Business Administration - I would never want to sound like I am a racist. But truth be known Jack
Ford got the award for helping more minorities and women start up businesses.
- More>>
posted by Raven to business at 6:22 P.M. EST     7 comments

Bad Gas - I go to the same gas station 95% of the time since its right on the way to work. The Speedway on the corner of Holloway and Airport. Other than the pain of a price the gas seemed fine. Yesterday morning I saw I was down to 1/2 tank and decided to top off before prices went up again. I missed the station on Holloway so I stopped at the one on McCord and Airport. Same gas you'd think. I topped off and went to work. When I started my 2004 Jeep after work it bogged and failed the first time. This morning when I started it I heard spark knock. GRRRRR!!!
Then I read this article today.
- More>>
posted by swantucky to politics at 5:55 P.M. EST     2 comments

AP launches asap - News tailored for the under-35 crowd. "We believe in journalism that's experiential and interpretive and interactive and sometimes personal. There's a third route to this overwhelming world of information -- one that blends the best parts of tradition with the exciting revolution of the past decade. And you're going to be able to talk back, too. In coming weeks and months, we're going to get you involved in the news in ways you've never considered. Maybe we'll hand you a camera and tell you to shoot the story through your eyes, and we'll bring those pictures to the world."
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September 19, 2005

Tribe closing in - I used to be a baseball fan, long time ago. Except for a few playoff games, it's not a sport I follow much now. But on Monday night, I listened to my first baseball game of the year in its entirety. The Indians beat the division-leading White Sox in a thriller 7-5. It was the first game of a three-game series. I'm no Tribe fan, but I was interested in the game after hearing Cleveland has a chance to win the division. I knew they were in the wildcard hunt, but the White Sox have nearly blown the 15-game lead they had on Aug 1. After Monday night, Cleveland is only 2 1/2 games out.
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Hockey season - "Martin St. Louis broke a tie with a power-play goal early in the third period and added two assists to help the defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning beat Detroit 5-3 on Monday night in the exhibition opener for both teams."
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