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September 20, 2006

Nookular Option to Interview JR, founder of Toledo Talk - The Nookular Option is pleased to announce that JR, founder and administrator of Toledo Talk, will join us at 7 am next Tuesday, September 26, for an exclusive interview on 88.3 FM WXUT. Click on the title link above to hear Nookular Option webcasts and podcasts, including the interview with JR next Tuesday. - More>>
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Hugo Chavez presents his proof - It seems that 'ole Hugo doesn't know how funny he can REALLY be when working with props. He's pretty sure that Chomsky's book is prima facie evidence. - More>>
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Help me, I'm out of money - Hello, My name is Tom Zoo. I need money. I need maintenance on my car, my home and to afford my numerous dogs and cats. I work 40 hours a week but I just can't seem to make ends meet. Instead of cutting back, maybe walking to the store instead of driving, cutting coupons, etc, I figure that I'd just ask for money like my big brother, the Toledo Zoo.
Now you don't want me to move do you? If I move away I'll take approx $30,000 away from the local economy that I spend here. Besides, I'm a big attraction. Many people come to see my antics at the local bar as I drink myself silly and act even worse.
So dig deep and donate. Show me and more like me that cutbacks and better planning aren't necessary, just ask for more money. Remember everyone can handle ...
- More>>
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Man attacks panda... huh? - This has to get the prize for the oddest story of the day: - More>>
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Unsafe to slow down even at 25 mph - ACT SUMMARY
plus my side
" I will not slow my car with kids inside going 35 mph around a corner to keep from hitting a side by side pair of bike riders. And I also ride a Harley."
Provides that while local authorities may continue to regulate the operation of bicycles, any such regulation cannot be fundamentally inconsistent with the uniform rules of the road and that generally no such regulation may prohibit the use of bicycles on any public street or highway.
- More>>
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Habla Espanol? - Speaking spanish could be an asset to my career, but I dont have time to take classes - - More>>
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Thank you Toledo - Recently I asked the question, should I move my family from Tucson home to Toledo or take an exciting job in San Diego. - More>>
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M.B.A. students more likely to cheat - A survey of 5,331 students at 32 graduate schools in the United States and Canada found an "alarming" amount of cheating across disciplines, but more among the nation's future business leaders. Fifty-six percent of graduate business students admitted they had cheated at least once in the last year, compared with 47 percent of non-business students. - More>>
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