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That's a wrap on Toledo Talk v1.0 - Commenting will be allowed on existing topics here for another week. This app served its purpose for 4.5 years, but I think a little more functionality is needed now, and the new version of Toledo Talk will provide that. I've been using the new version for quite a while. Some aspects of the new version may be confusing for some because of the wiki capabilities, but in other ways, it may be simpler to use.
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Washtenaw County wireless plan lacks funding - Ann Arbor News story via Arbor Update: "The program known as Wireless Washtenaw has been implemented in three areas: downtown Ann Arbor, downtown Saline and downtown Manchester. No additional installations have been made while 20/20 Communications, the company working with the county, applies for a $14 million loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and tries to line up other funding." - More>>
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Central city project delay - "Toledo leaders allocated $270 thousand of your money to build townhouses in the Central City. Now one year after Mayor Carty Finkbeiner trumpeted the project, there's still nothing but an empty lot. The politicians insist it will be built. But the developer is nowhere to be found." - More>>
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Ann Arbor Art Fair - Wed, July 18th through Sat, July 21st. See last year's thread for info about the different art fairs within the art fair and shuttle transportation.
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Top 10 Best Communities in Lake Erie West - Another pointless top-something list, although this one has a local angle. Saline is ranked #1. Shockingly, Toledo didn't make the Top 10. A couple of communities on the list seem questionable to me, no offense to those communities. Here's the list: - More>>
posted by jr to news at 02:52 P.M. EST on Sun Jul 15, 2007     14 comments

Government has some money to give back - From a Jul 11, 2007 Wade Kapszukiewicz blog posting: "If you are planning on attending the Lagrange Street-Polish Festival this weekend, be sure to seek out the booth staffed by members of the Treasurer's office. Among other useful information, my staff will have a hard-copy print-out of the roughly 125,000 Lucas County residents who are owed money by the state of Ohio. Most of the people on the list don't even know it, including the family who learned this week that it is owed $277,000 in unclaimed funds! So feel free to look for us this summer, or just visit this link on our website to see if you are one of the lucky Lucas County residents entitled to get some money BACK from the government!"
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Carty questions the TFP's balls - July 6 opinion by Toledo Free Press editor Michael Miller: "Carty Finkbeiner called this week, unhappy with our July 1 story about Thomas Morrissey's recall effort hitting the 5,000 signature mark. [Carty] called in to question my news judgment in reporting the group's progress. During the mayor's conversation with Toledo Free Press Publisher and President Thomas Pounds, the mayor implied we lack what my Libbey High School football coach Dave Merritt used to call “testicular fortitude.” " - More>>
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Toledoans in the U.S. Senior Open - Toledoans Judd Silverman and Alan Fadel are participating in the U.S. Senior Open golf championship at Whistling Straits Golf Club in Kohler, Wis. - More>>
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Strippers at local political fund-raiser - "A golf outing for the Lucas County Democratic Party landed in the rough after outraged elected officials saw strippers liberally volunteering at the party's annual fund-raiser. Domenic Montalto, the executive director, initially pleaded ignorance. But after learning of Mr. Kemp's comments about the strip clubs' participation, Mr. Montalto changed his answer to "No comment." " - More>>
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Numbers on Toledo's continual population decline - "Toledo's population loss since 2000 was the 10th-fastest among 258 U.S. cities with populations of more than 100,000 people. Toledo's population fell from 313,782 residents in 2000 to an estimated 298,446 last July, a loss of 15,336 people, or 4.9 percent. The new estimate means Toledo's population declined by 2,839 people one year - from 301,285 in July, 2005. A bright spot[???] is that, at 0.94 percent, the estimated population decline is slower than the 1.1 percent decline posted this time last year." - More>>
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Savage Hall arena plans - "In just a few months, University of Toledo's athletic department will start a $30-million renovation of Savage Hall. Construction will begin outside the stadium even during this basketball season." (Click here for renderings of the new Savage Hall.) - More>>
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2007 Allied Media Conference - Jun 22-24, Detroit. "The AMC brings together a unique cross-section of media workers, community organizers, daring filmmakers, ambitious radio producers, serious publishers, skilled web designers, and artists whose work "makes revolution irresistible." This year's theme focuses on participatory media." - More>>
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Toledo govt's role in booking music acts - City government gets involved in a private business, but it does not monitor its own taxpayer-funded entertainment org. - More>>
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Farm Bill 2007 database - "[T]he Environmental Working Group (EWG) released their latest and greatest version of the (in)famous farm subsidy database. The database can be accessed through their MULCH blog. The new database also utilizes Google Maps to map recipients of farm program payments. Whether you live in a rural or urban area, you are guaranteed to be surprised by the number and size of recipients that live in your area. For the first time ever, the database incorporates additional data provided by the USDA that more accurately tracks farm program payments to individual beneficiaries." Map of Toledo area.
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Mapping City of Toledo properties that are for sale - Karen Shanahan, District 2 Toledo City Council candidate, has on her blog a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet Web page that lists over 800 City of Toledo properties for sale as of December 2006. BTW, this Google spreadsheet is a nice example of using available Web services to inform the public. Anyway, I parsed the spreadsheet and sent the street address info for each property to to get the longitude and latitude coordinates. These coordinates are used in Google Maps to map the locations of the properties.
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Walton's reflections - ("Thomas Walton will retire June 30 as Editor and Vice President of The Blade.") Walton writes: "On the whole, I would not have traded being a witness to history for any other job I could imagine. I've met presidents and movie stars, heroes and cowards, millionaires and homeless, scoundrels and crooks, and even a king and queen. I found them all fascinating, just not for the same reasons." - More>>
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'E-discovery rules add summer IT work for schools' - Via Slashdot. "School districts nationwide face an especially difficult IT assignment this summer: to create systems that ensure compliance with new federal electronic discovery regulations. September 2005 updates to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) require that electronic documents -- including e-mail and perhaps even instant messaging logs -- be available as evidence in civil court cases. Observers note that widespread enforcement of the rules will likely begin by the end of 2007." - More>>
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District 5 tidbits - Nothing serious, just a couple observations about my Toledo district. - More>>
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Deluge and usual street flooding - Heavy rain pounded West Toledo between 1:40 and 1:50 p.m. The yards and streets are littered with small limbs, twigs, leaves, and other tree debris. The storm had some wind, but I think it was the massive volume of rain that exfoliated the trees. The rain came down so hard and reduced visibility so much that it was tough to see past the neighbor's house. It's a good thing the storm was as short as it was. Still, flooded streets exist. I made a quick check near our home, and Sylvania at DeVeaux and Douglas near Laskey are flooded, as expected. - More>>
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Rankings for local auto plants - "General Motors Corp.’s Toledo Powertrain plant was ranked as the most productive transmission factory in North America. Among auto assembly plants, DaimlerChrysler’s Toledo Jeep Assembly complex did not finish among the top 10 factories. However, the complex which makes Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Libertys, and Dodge Nitros improved from a year ago. The Nitro production, which began last summer, finished second in its mid-sized sport-utility vehicle category. Overall in the report, Toyota Motor Corp. led all automakers in productivity."
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2007 China Forum: Doing Business in China - Thu night, May 31 and Fri morning and afternoon, June 1 at The Dana Conference Center, The Toledo Hilton Hotel. "In a recent study, it was found that 85% of the corporations in Greater Toledo Area and Southeast Michigan are not prepared to compete efficiently in the global arena. We believe that business enterprises experiencing full emersion in China or those businesses that simply choose the import/export opportunity will have a significant competitive advantage. SEED was created for exactly this reason-to take advantage of the economic, academic and technological assets of the area for the purpose of developing an international presence – one which will bring economic development/revival to the region."
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Blackwater USA: War-profiteer - "Family connections helped. As brother to former Michigan GOP chairwoman Betsy DeVos and brother-in-law to her husband, 2006 GOP gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, Prince had access to Capitol Hill power brokers. Blackwater was originally slated to be paid $229.5 million for five years, according to a State Department contract list. Yet as of June 30 [2006], just two years into the program, it had been paid a total of $321,715,794. Blackwater USA is a private military contractor offering "tactical training," firing range and target systems, and security consulting."
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Toledo rated most business friendly - "London-based fDi magazine — Foreign Direct Investment — ranked Toledo 10th among 44 cities in the large-city category overall and the "most business friendly" among large cities. Toledo was judged in the population category of 500,000 to 2 million people, based on its metropolitan population." - More>>
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Lake Erie West Spring Meeting - Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 8:00 a.m., Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, 7th Floor Conference Room. Tony Reams, Director of TMACOG, will give us an update on the Lake Erie West Inter-modal Transportation Hub. Dan Johnson will bring us up to date on the progress of the Technology Corridor."
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Blade photographer resigns over altered photo - "Last week Detrich admitted manipulating a photograph that ran on the front page of the Blade, but said he meant to use the doctored photo for personal use and transmitted it to the paper by accident. In an e-mail Monday, Blade assistant managing editor for administration Luann Sharp said Detrich had resigned effective April 7. Detrich said he was planning to start a new business with two friends. He described the venture as a weather disaster training service, a project not related to photography. Detrich has been writing about his situation on his personal blog, PictureThis." - More>>
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Marina District amphitheater scrapped - "Toledo City Council learned yesterday that an outdoor amphitheater is no longer envisioned as part of the Marina District. Jennifer Johnson, senior attorney in the city law department, said a consultant advised the city there were too many competing venues in the region for a Toledo amphitheater to be self-supporting." - More>>
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Automotive news - A couple April 3 stories. "Ford, GM, Chrysler sales down in March; Toyota, Mazda, Honda post big gains. Toyota is expected to overtake GM as the world's largest automaker as soon as this year. Foreign car makers beat domestic in "green automaker" study." - More>>
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University of Toledo point-shaving scheme? - Compling a list of stories here. "A criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit said the player, Harvey “Scooter” McDougle Jr., 22, a senior, recruited football and basketball players to participate in the scheme spearheaded by a Sterling Heights man identified only as “Gary.” The alleged scheme stretched from fall 2003 through winter 2006, the complaint alleges." - More>>
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New J.R.R. Tolkien book - Via Slashdot. "The Children of Húrin will be released worldwide on 17 April, 89 years after the author started the work. The author's son Christopher, using his late father's voluminous notes, has painstakingly completed the book, left unfinished by the author when he died in 1971." - More>>
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People leaving Lucas County - "The population of Lucas County continues to decline and the bordering counties could be capturing the exodus. Lucas County lost more than 9,500 people between 2000 and last year. The biggest population jump in the region occurred in Monroe County, which gained 9,000 new residents. Experts say the Census numbers reflect a continuing trend in the state: people fleeing urban communities for places with new homes and open spaces." - More>>
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