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Pot calling the Kettle black - Where does Carty get off wanting to ticket people for putting signs on City property! During the Mayoral campaign, his signs were all over city property as well as in the public right of way. The Highland Park area was littered with the signs. While parking on Shasta to return Library books, his signs impeded our opening of the passenger side door. But,that's o.k., right? Undoubtablly, he'll have some poor excuse such as not relizing they were put where they didn't belong. Side note - what the heck was he doing at the ground breaking ceremony at Westgate? After his behavior, which was nothing more than sour grapes that the previous adminstration got the deal to the table, he should have sent someone in his stay. He's lucky the deal went through. Costco could have easily gone elsewhere. But, since Teamsters threw their support behind him, I guess he saw ... - More>>
posted by Boota to commentary at 05:04 P.M. EST on Thu Jun 01, 2006     10 comments

Smoking Ban - As a 2 pack a day smoker,I saw nothing wrong with the smoking ban. Seeing I began smoking later in life, I can still recall the burning in my eyes and smelling like cigarettes when I was younger. Bars aside, people take their children to restaurants for family outtings. Do you think the children benefit from the second hand smoke? I can tell you that my 5 year old asthmatic grandson wouldn't.
posted by Boota to politics at 06:59 A.M. EST on Sun Jun 19, 2005     40 comments

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