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Someone has finally made a useful feed of information with Twitter. Twitter is mostly a collection of people's every minute musings about what they are doing at that very minute ("I'm twittering"). It's sort of an RSS feed of poems from the Zenrin Kushu ("Sitting quietly, doing nothing. Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself"). Josh Ruihley, from Sunlight Labs, however, decided to do something useful with Twitter and created the first Twitter feed of U.S. Public Laws. Everyday new laws are introduced in Congress and with the Public Laws Twitter feed you can now stream the laws introduced in Congress onto a widget on your blog or keep track of the laws for your own purposes through the Twitter feed or through RSS.

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Can you post video directly into twitter? Which of the links above would allow for me to configure this?

posted by KraZyKat on Jun 08, 2009 at 12:05:25 am     #  

Twitter Help. Nothing about embedding video. This about photos:

How do I post a picture to Twitter?

Twitter doesn't offer an official picture posting feature of its own, however, most people use a third party application called TwitPic. Just enter your Twitter user name and password to get an email address you can send pictures to. Or, upload your photos directly to Twitpic from other apps or from the web, and post them to Twitter that way. Like Twitter, Twitpic has a public timeline of everyone's photos, and you also get your own profile page for pictures you've posted. (Check out Britt's pics as an example.)

Note: Twitter doesn't officially support Twitpic, but you can follow Twipic on Twitter to find out the latest updates!

May 28, 2009 posting about embedding video in a Twitter post or tweet:

With Twitter reaching new heights of mainstream popularity, it’s only natural that a generation of services would spring up to try and get a piece of that sweet micro-blogging action. And the action right now is in video. Since Twitter doesn’t host video, a raft of startups are vying to become your go-to platform for making and sharing micro-movies. While 12seconds isn’t “new,” the company today announced a tighter integration with Twitter. Now you can log into the video service using just your Twitter account information, and your Twitter @replies and direct messages will appear in your feed in real time.

Others mentioned in the article:

posted by jr on Jun 08, 2009 at 01:11:27 am     #