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Use of Twitter to complement neighborhood watch?

Are any neighborhood watch groups using Twitter? or considering using Twitter?
And/or any area police departments thinking of incorporating Twitter in community reporting?

Just wondering...came across this article about how an African chief uses Twitter to reduce crime..

How an African Chief Uses Twitter to Keep the Peace

An excerpt from the blog....

"...Chief Francis Kariuki ó or, @Chiefkariuki, as heís known online ó tweets to defeat thugs and thieves, locate missing children and farm animals, and organize village logistical matters, according to the Associated Press.

In one example reported by the AP, criminals were raiding a school teacherís home at 4 a.m. until Kariuki intervened via Twitter. After receiving a phone tip, Kariuki sent a tweet that mobilized village residents to gather outside the teacherís house and scare the robbers away. In another example, Kariuki used Twitter to organize a rescue operation after a man fell into a latrine pit."

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Seems like a smart use of the technology, especially since more and more people have smart phones.

Say for example neighbor A is walking his dog and sees some kids messing with another neighbors car, or the same car cruising in circles near a house. Poof 2 seconds later it's tweeted, and anyone attached to the feed gets the message.

Sounds basically like an email mailing list but for small bursts. Like the idea, but at the same time could easily get filled with noise. Especially if you have people on the watch who are twitchy. As in 30 posts a day "I saw some unknown kid in the neighborhood".

posted by INeedCoffee on Feb 21, 2012 at 08:22:37 pm     # is a website that revolves around the whole concept of using social networking to organize neighborhoods, from reporting crime and suspicious activity, to other problems, it even for planning neighborhood events like garage sales or block parties and what not.

Not too many people have gotten into it yet it seems, especially around here, but I think its a good idea.

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Don't know about Twitter.. but the neighborhood I'm in has a group set up for Facebook that the neighborhood watch uses that seems to be working pretty good.

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I follow college football recruiting, and it's well known that coaches make extensive use of twitter to get a handle on a kid's character. It's amazing what high schoolers feel the need to make public these days.

It seems like a very logical step to apply that to law enforcement, neighborhood watches, etc. I'm a big believer in the "it takes a village" mentality, and a kid growing up in an environment where he knows he'll be held accountable not just by his parents, but by anyone, is going to be better for it.

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The Old West End uses Facebook. Works great...

Most posts are just about news and events going on, but we also have those "Has anyone else noticed that sketchy dude walking down such-an-such street? Keep an eye out"!

The advantage of our FB Group versus Twitter is the signal to noise ratio is better... and it's easier to follow up on specific topics.

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