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Clinton: Bought and Paid for By Saudi Arabia and China

The Clintons has refused to release her tax returns from 2000-2006. Let alone 2007.

Clinton: Bought and Paid for By Saudi Arabia and China
by The Bagof Health and Politics
Fri Mar 07, 2008 at 10:39:46 AM PST

There's a reason she hasn't released her tax returns--Bill is on the payroll of the Saudis and the Chinese Communist Party.

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Hillary Clinton still hasn’t released her tax return. We don’t know what she’s hiding, but if her tax return was clear, we’d have long since seen the return (which was filed in April of 2007). After 8 years of Dick Cheney raiding the public treasury for the benefit of his Halliburton stock, we must know the financial interests of potential future Presidents and the conflicts they pose. Since Clinton won’t release her tax return, I will speculate as to what may or may not be contained therein.

Bill Clinton has been active on the international scene. We already know about the $131 million kickback Bill took from an Asian dictator. Still, Bill has been remarkably secretive about the funding for his presidential library. The full list of donors has never been released. But we know two things: the Clinton Library cost $165 million to build and fully 10% of that cost was covered by Saudi Arabia.

Since he left office, Bill Clinton has mainly earned a living as a speaker, writer and "consultant." Companies, governments, and organizations pay him huge fees to speak at a gathering or lend his name to the business. Bill has lent his name to shady businessmen, like Ron Burkle. Clinton’s speeches have earned him millions; a typical speech with the former President costs href="25,000. Foreign interests in Japan, Australia, and Europe have all been more than happy to throw money at the Clintons. This has led the man who was making $45,000 a year as Governor of Arkansas to spectacular wealth; the kind of wealth that can buy million dollar vacation homes. Worse, this is also the kind of wealth that can cause politicians to be indebted to foreign interests and undermine our national interests and security.

According to the Washington Post, a Saudi Arabian investment company with ties to the Saudi government and Royal Family has paid Bill Clinton at least $600,000 in lecturing fees. A quick search on Bill’s travel itinerary reveals that Bill Clinton met with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh in June of 2003. Two years later, Clinton met with the Crown Prince again, this time in the United States. One wonders what Bill promised in exchange for the $600,000 check. Other foreign interests who have paid Clinton include: $650,000 from a pro-NAFTA Canadian investment firm and $200,000 from a real estate firm which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

This is all money which can be turned around by the Clintons to support their political interests. By law, Hillary Clinton is entitled to use half of her spouse’s wealth to back her presidential campaign. In this campaign, she has already done this by donating $5 million to her campaign. Let’s think about the net effect of this; this allows Bill’s income to be used for political purposes. In effect the Saudis have given a $300,000 donation to her campaign, the Canadians have donated $325,000, and the Chinese Communist Party has donated $100,000.

With gas at $4 a gallon, I don’t want anybody who is on the Saudi payroll near the Oval Office. It’s clear that foreign governments and the Clintons have been colluding to buy off the American process and open the store to foreign interests—like the Saudis and the Chinese Communist Party. This is why Hillary Clinton must be defeated in the Democratic Primary. Our national security depends on it.

Hillary Clinton knows this. It is why she won't release her tax returns. Those returns will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she and her husband are on the payroll of corrupt foreign entities--like the Chinese Communist Party and the Saudi Arabian government. Enough is enough; let's not elect the Democratic version of Dick Cheney to the Presidency and allow this country to be swindled into poverty.

Updates: Ourhispanicvoices wrote a diary yesterday which shows that the Clintons are also receiving large sums of cash from Dubai--the nation which tried to buy our ports!

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No surprise. The whole political system has been corrupted by power and money.

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Tsk, tsk, secrets are bad.

Tit-for-tat: Last week the Chicago Sun Times hilariously ran a piece actually headlined Sen. Obama, time to call us about Rezko: (312) 321-2417

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