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Time to reduce our police force

Clearly, we have too many police if they have the time to ticket people for not wearing a seat belt and possibly citing people who smoke.

Click It or Ticket, what a waste of taxpayer money and an abuse of power by the government.

May 16, 2007 Detroit News story :

Between May 21 and June 3, NHTSA will spend $30 million on its "Click it or Ticket" ad campaign to promote seat belt use.

If the police need probable cause to pull over a suspicious vehicle that may contain real criminals, then fine, exploit the not-wearing-a-seat-belt issue. But it's totalitarianism for the government to go out of its way to hunt down taxpayers with the Click It or Ticket sham.

And now (May 29, 2007) the Glass City Jungle is reporting that police may shake down smokers.

First a friend of mine was told by a Toledo police officer that they were going to be used to issue citations for those caught smoking, then I recently heard that the Lucas County Health Department was going to start having off duty officers accompany health inspectors so that people who were caught smoking could be forced to provide their contact information. From what I understand an inspector from the health department has no legal ability to demand your name and address to be able to write a citation if you are caught smoking but a police officer does. I do know according to Ohio Law if you refuse to identify yourself you can be arrested.

And yesterday was Memorial Day. What are the soldiers fighting for these days? It can't be freedoms. Must be for Home Depot gift certificates.

The next time some tax is on the ballot that supposedly supports the police, vote it down. The fewer police, the better off we are.

I must have missed the news story that stated all real crime no longer exists, and the police had been diverted to enforcing the nanny state.

Kneel in honor of the glorious animal farm government. We're so safe because they nab people for smoking and not wearing a seat belt. Pay no attention to the murderers, rapists, robbers, and molesters living among us.

I wonder. If you're caught smoking in your own vehicle while not wearing a seat belt, do you end up at Gitmo?

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Dec 22, 2007 Toledo Blade story titled Police assist in catching smoking-ban violators :

To the general manager of Platinum Showgirls, revenge for successfully appealing a $100 state smoking-ban fine fueled the health department's use of police this week to help catch smokers at his North Toledo club.

"It was ridiculous," Kevin Clapper said yesterday of the roughly hour-long visit to Platinum Showgirls, 5801 Telegraph Rd., by Toledo police officers and Toledo-Lucas County Health Department officials.

"They bombarded their way in like a raid," Mr. Clapper said.

But to the health department, police supplied protection while confronting smoking-ban violators and trying to get their identification - not a means for retribution for the appeal Platinum Showgirls won recently, said Alan Ruffell, the health department's director of environmental health.

Three undercover police officers accompanied a health department inspector to Platinum Showgirls about 9 p.m. Thursday, and they saw at least seven people smoking on the main floor, Mr. Ruffell said. He and a half dozen uniformed police officers went into the club several minutes later, and identifications were collected, he said.

So nine police officers were used to stop people from enjoying a legal product at a strip joint. I bet it wasn't hard to get volunteers from the TPD to assist on this raid. And we're suppose to buy the bullshit that this raid was not an act of revenge.

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