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Bigfoot: Born out of cultural fear, non-science, nonsense or the Monroe Monster?

One of my favorite, although dubious, websites when I’m bored is that of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

According to this website there have been 191 sighting/encounters with Bigfoot in Ohio including those as close as Defiance and Erie counties and 88 in Michigan as nearby as Lenawee and Monroe counties.
Does anyone remember the Monroe Monster? Wasn’t it a hoax? (or is still lurking?)

Any experience with this sort of thing? What are these people seeing?

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Don't forget about Bessie, the Lake Erie sea monster.

The first recorded "sighting" of Bessie occurred in 1817 and more sightings have occurred intermitently and in greater frequency in the last three decades. Bessie is reported to be snake-like and 9-12 meters (30-40 ft) long, with a grayish color. The creature was blamed for an attack in 1992 that killed three people. The survivors of the attack say the creature's head is as large as a car. There is a reward for humane capture of a living Bessie, and sightings of the creature still occur.

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Isn't it along the lines of fakelore? Or like telling gullible adults Santa and the Boogie man exist just for their own SnGiggles?

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Ah, the Monroe Monster....I remember this from my long ago youth....

Here is the story...back in the early 1960's supposedly a gorilla from a "German Circus" escaped. Hence, it was commonly called the "German Gorilla".

A "German" circus??? In Monroe, Michigan???Yeah, I know, kind of loses street cred right there, huh?

I remember a picture in the Monroe Evening News of a man nailing a sign on a post that said something like "Beware of the German Gorilla", I assume as a joke.

One of my sister's friends claimed that her grandfather actually saw it. Her grandfather had a bit of a drinking problem.

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If you told an impressionable mind a home was haunted they would look for clues to confirm.

If you told them it was exorcised, they would also find evidence to support that.

You'll find a lot of people in skeptical professions, that aren't skeptical in other aspects of their lives.

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It seems dogma usually wins over critical thought and validity.

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