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Medicare open enrollment (link for anyone on Medicare or anyone who knows anybody on Medicare)

Medicare Open Enrollment is coming up (October 7-December 15)
Good idea to compare plans.

Here's a link with more info.

A few months back I did a plan comparison for someone.
She had just enrolled in Medicare, and wanted info on Part Ds and Medicare Advantage Plans.
She was very, very skeptical if anything would work for her (saving money being the priority).
After about 15 minutes of sitting side by side at the computer, we were both astounded and pleased at finding a plan which fit her needs.
The direct link to the site is
Then click on Find Health and Drug Plans

To be honest, I have also worked with folks where there was no good match with their needs and the plans out there.... At least we found what I believe to be considerable unbiased info.

Don't claim to know everything about Medicare plans.
however, what I know, I'll share...what I don't know, I'll refer to the best of my knowledge.
Just thought I'd post for general info.

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I have had serious issues with Humana and Medicare Advantage. I had to fight this company on behalf of my mom regarding skilled nursing. They absolutely refused to cover skilled nursing, even though her plan covers up to 365 days. Doctors and nurses told us how difficult Humana is on this issue. Had to go to court to force Humana to honor my mom's policy. Judge agreed with me, but it was a huge battle for most of the year and just about burned me out. I've learned that traditional Medicare is much better on this issue. I will concede that Humana has a good prescription service. Good luck!

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