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Southwyck....errrrrr Hawthorne Hills

Councilman Rob Ludeman said the city should “get away from calling that [area] Southwyck,” noting the neighborhood’s previous name.

“The most important thing for me is to see Hawthorne Hills, not Southwyck,” he said.

Councilman Sandy Spang also praised the idea to encourage a name change.

yyyeeaaahhh.......a major problem has been the NAME of the area. Ok.

Anywho, I doubt this will do really all that much for "Southwyck" :>) but it wont hurt.

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I for one am looking forward to the next ten years of reporting on Hawthorne Hill's "the site formerly known as Southwyke".

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Hawthorne wrote The Scarlet Letter.

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If they're trolling for things it used to be known as, they should have gone for something cooler, like Orange Julius or Chess King.

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I was just getting around to calling Franklin Park the new name of Westfield, when it was sold again and went back to Franklin Park. So in about 10 years, people will get used to calling Southwyck by a different name. By then, hopefully it actually is something.

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Historical Note back in the day , where the brightly painted floor-covering store is located , was a car dealership named Hawthorne AMC / Jeep. Located next door to the Bombay Bicycle Club , where the Walgreens is located now .Pre-1975. You're welcome.

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Tax abatement alone is not sufficient to entice business interests, an alteration in perspective that the commercial sector needs the city apparatus rather than the other way around is necessary. A short term tax bribe is akin to lowering the class test scores in order to raise up the bottom performers while lowering the higher achievers. The entire city needs to be made more desirable as an inducement beginning with the arteries. Drop the mendacity of beginning with $500,000 for repairs and incremental bumping up to $7m as an election is on the horizon. Odd thing about shifting sand - it can blow back in your face and blind you. The nomenclature of the acreage is not preventing a transaction to any serious developer who then will call it whatever the hell he wants to when he takes possession. Either travelling upon or underneath the Cherry St. Bridge requires no aid to navigation nor historical reference.

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Mar 22, 2017 Blade story about yesterday's Toledo city council meeting:

... council approved property tax breaks and an areawide name change to help spur long-desired redevelopment of the former Southwyck Shopping Center site and nearby property in South Toledo.

Toledo council unanimously voted to designate the area Hawthorne Hills, the original plat name for the area that includes the vacant former mall property, as a community reinvestment area and authorize tax exemptions for remodeling and new construction.

Mar 19, 2017 Blade editorial titled New name won’t fix Southwyck

A blighted slab of concrete by any other name is still going to have Southwyck’s troubles.

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson has pitched a plan to city council to finally redevelop the former Southwyck mall property.

This feels like the latest misstep in the city’s misguided trek to redevelop the former mall property.

Not much has been done to prevent the space becoming an eyesore of weedy, crumbling concrete for anyone coming into town via the nearby Ohio Turnpike exit.

A deal to sell the 58.5-acre property to a secret buyer for $2.8 million fell through last year.

City council seemed to enthusiastically embrace the mayor’s proposal to change the name. Councilman Rob Ludeman went so far as to say renaming it was “the most important thing.”

No, it’s not.

The most important thing is for the city to have a comprehensive and detailed strategy for finding a buyer and selling Southwyck to someone who will really redevelop it.

After that, the most important thing is for the city to learn its lesson about buying property that needs redevelopment.

Toledo officials just aren’t very good at that and the city ends up sitting on vast swaths of real estate that come off the tax rolls and sit for far too long without any actual redevelopment.

Toledo officials should worry less about choosing a new name for Southwyck and focus on searching for potential buyers with good plans for the property.

posted by jr on Mar 22, 2017 at 08:44:59 am     #   2 people liked this

It sure does feel like forward motion to change the name and go with a tax give away. Reducing the price of perfectly good produce because its been there too long in your estimation will cause some buyers not to purchase wondering what is wrong with it. At least we have jet go atv' motorized, oh yeah, golf carts on the fairways of city streets to increase the festival atmosphere while the significant matters get ignored.

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Fairways on city streets.... Mariner, you may be onto something there.

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We do know the current foursomes are playing ball-less.

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We do know the current foursomes are playing ball-less.

posted by Mariner on Mar 22, 2017 at 10:45:29 am     #