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Food truck Thursday

Nacho Daddy had his food truck out Thursday downtown. I was surprised he was out on opening day, only food truck.

I talked to him Saturday at the Farmer's Market and he expects to see more food trucks this Thursday.

I wonder how they will handle parking this summer with all the construction vehicles on St. Clair for the Fiberglas tower renovations.

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And then there's this

posted by Foodie on Apr 17, 2017 at 10:39:57 am     #  

Where do the food trucks set up shop on Thursdays?

posted by ckbeats21 on Apr 17, 2017 at 12:14:33 pm     #  

On Thursdays they all line up on St. Clair between Jefferson and Madison by the PNC building. Not sure how that will work this year with all the construction vehicles for the Fiberglas tower parking there. On Tuesday's there are usually a couple but Thursday is the big day for them with live entertainment in Levis square.

I was told at the Farmers Market Saturday that Wholey Toledo Doughnut just bought a food truck and is concentrating on that instead of delivering to coffee shops and the farmers market and I'm hoping he'll be there this summer.

I missed that about the Secor food trucks. It will be nice for people like my boyfriend who like food trucks but can't make it downtown on Thursday. I liked this part of the article:

The rallies would be held in the 365 by Whole Foods parking lot until the store opens.

Does this mean there is still hope for Whole Foods coming here? We were at Fire Pizza a couple weeks ago and overheard someone saying whole foods was pulling out because 365 concept didn't work out and someone else in my office said the same thing and I noticed there are no longer any signs up saying they are coming soon and construction has ceased

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