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Incredible hydrogen breakthrough from MIT

This video is amazing, it gives some rough numbers about a way to make hydrogen from water that uses 2/3 less energy. It's amazing work by MIT:

You've gotta see this, it uses cheap cobalt and cheaper phosphate in very small quantities. This makes SOLAR power viable as a source of a heating gas that wouldn't require a chimney because it only gives off water when burnt. It makes hydrogen cars possible, which will piss off the oil men who have pushed hydrogen cars because they thought they were economically impossible,, or that they would use coal, natural gas, or oil to make the hydrogen. Now you can make it with solar power and use 2/3 fewer solar panels than you would have used prior.

Since we moved to a fossil fuel addicted country, research on cracking water to get hydrogen and oxygen had all but halted. Now a couple of guys in a lab have done the "impossible".

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Very cool!

posted by corky on Dec 27, 2008 at 11:11:29 am     #  

My husband is a car enthusiast. He says that BMW has a hydrogen fueled car (super expensive unfortunately). The refueling centers are mostly in California but he found this link which says that BMW is building a refueling center in New Jersey.

Practically speaking, this is not something available to those of us in the midwest but it does show that the technology is viable. Who knows, maybe we are getting closer.

(P.S. My husband says that what MIT is doing is different from what BMW has put to market, but that they are similar. He could explain it a lot better than I could so I won't even try.)

posted by corky on Dec 27, 2008 at 11:27:09 am     #  


Tell your husband that it looks like MIT found a simple way to use 2/3 less electricity to break water down into hydrogen.

posted by prime3end on Dec 27, 2008 at 10:03:18 pm     #