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Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to Cancer & Aging Enzyme Discovery

This is pretty amazing. Three research Doc's won the Nobel for he discovery 20 years ago of the enzyme that grants our cells a normal lifespan, and the same enzyme when overabundant, grants immortality to cancer cells. At least two cancer treatments are in clinical trials based on the discovery. It's the first time cellular immortality hallmark of cancer will be targeted without using systemic poisons. The enzyme was discovered 20 years ago, finally a Nobel. It's fairly ridiculous that it takes 20 years from discovery to clinic, but that's the norm. Hope we stop the war on science soon.

Story from Stockholm.

Phone Interview by Nobel committee after notification of award.

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Funny thing is Bush fired one of them because she was an out spoken critic of his science policy.

posted by SensorG on Oct 06, 2009 at 08:50:09 am     #  

Yes, he fired Dr. Blackburn , one of the Nobel Prize winners, because she insisted that science be used in the discussion of embryonic stem cell research guidelines, instead of religious dogma. So he fired her.

Her contributions include discovering the primary method by which humans age and get cancer, heart disease and many other maladies, and discovering that enzyme led to a gene target too. The downstream enzyme she discovered gives cancer cells the ability to divide forever without dying. A company currently has 2 treatments in clinical trials that are expected to be "curative" in combination cocktails with existing cancer drugs.

There really was a war against medical science under Bush, and the church is now pressuring Obama using the same tactics, he has resisted their incomprehensible demands.

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