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Video of Texas legislature voting more than once

I saw this YouTube video today at the local blog make a difference. The video was uploaded in the spring.

Texas lawmakers vote more than once by casting their own vote, and then voting for their missing buds. It's against their House rules.

On this particular Texas House vote, the issue the lawmakers were voting on was about requiring voters to show a photo ID to prevent voter fraud. Those wacky politicians and their 'Do as I say, not as I do' attitude.

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This was on BoingBoing yesterday...

"Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle (R) says she is concerned about the same person voting twice at the polls, so she is trying to pass a law requiring that anyone who wants to vote must have a photo ID. Another Texas lawmaker has introduced a bill that would "criminalize anyone who delivers a ballot for someone unable to drive to the polls."
Here's a video showing Rep. Riddle and many of her fellow representatives voting twice on the same issue in the legislature.

Later in the video, Riddle explains why its OK for her to cast ballots in other people's names: "We have a lot of votes. We have a lot of amendments. And there's times where we don't break for lunch, and we don't break for dinner, we don't have bathroom breaks."

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What? It looks professional and legit.

Not like they're making laws that affect hard working law abiding citizens. It's Texas after all. (get it? geography? joke? rhetorical?)

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Anyone know if this possible here in Ohio. Or at least if it would be as easy.

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