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Large item pick-up

We have a chair to be trashed, but cannot find the number of the city's website for Large Item Pick-Up. Does anyone know it? Thanks in advance.

created by MrsPhoenix on Mar 07, 2010 at 05:26:20 pm     Other     Comments: 21

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419-936-2511 is the number on the schedule

posted by hockeyfan on Mar 07, 2010 at 05:55:50 pm     #  

boy, they need to put that thing on billboards all over town, there are still people who have no idea that the shit has changed! NO MORE UNLIMITED UNLIMITED, PEOPLE, GET USED TO IT!! jeez.

posted by nana on Mar 07, 2010 at 09:49:05 pm     #  

I'm truly amazed at how many folks just don't get the new system, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Clearly the city should have budgeted a bit more for education re: the new system.

posted by bam2 on Mar 08, 2010 at 12:35:49 pm     #  

Good luck with your pickup...I tried this for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

5 bundles of wood (less than 6', no nails, and bundled together just like they told me). Also 6 large black garbage bags filled with the old foam panel installation from my basement.


Call 2/9/10 -- 36 hours early for Friday pickup.

Call 2/11/10 -- Confirming they will take it all tomorrow before I haul it all out to the street for nothing...They say as long as I called at least 24 hours in advance they will get it, but they have no way to tell...WOW.

2/12 -- Nothing extra was picked up, called them. They said it should have been taken, leave it out and they will get it Saturday.

2/13 -- Nothing taken, called and told it will be picked up on Monday, so leave it out.

2/15 -- Nothing taken, called and told to leave it out because they will get it Wednesday.

2/17 -- Nothing taken, called and told to leave it out because they would get it Friday.

2/18 -- Someone came and took the wood overnight, probably for a bonfire

2/19 -- They finally come, but now there are only 2 extra bags since I had room in my bin since this was my pickup day, and someone took the wood overnight.

Again, good luck.

posted by mcfly1955 on Mar 08, 2010 at 05:07:00 pm     #  

hockeyfan & mcfly1955, thank you for answering my question.

posted by MrsPhoenix on Mar 08, 2010 at 05:44:44 pm     #  

no problem. I think the new system would work much better if local tv and radio stations would broadcast the schedule on regular basis.
I know that some radio stations are still playing the national anthem everyday at noon. It's getting real worn out. That time could be used to give out some trash info.
The tv stations can quit running all their "we're the best station" ads for a short time and give out some trash info too.
If someone shot themselves in the head because of the trash schedule, it would be all over news and radio for days, even weeks. But to actually help people, there's no hope.

posted by hockeyfan on Mar 08, 2010 at 06:50:43 pm     #  

Why not just dissemble the chair with a pry bar and sledge, and put the pieces in your new, huge, trash bin?

posted by GuestZero on Mar 08, 2010 at 07:56:02 pm     #  

McFly, you're not the only one. In February I saw the same scenario at my next door neighbor's house. Those extra bags must've sat there for at least two weeks, maybe almost three. I asked the neighbor around Day 10 if she had called the city and she had, two or three times by that point.

posted by jmleong on Mar 09, 2010 at 06:04:13 am     #  

i've a few people talk about the "overflow and bulky item" pickup. it doesn't seem to be getting good reviews.

i'm getting ready to call them to pickup an old storm door. i hope we don't have to deal with any issues.

posted by Postal on Mar 09, 2010 at 12:46:59 pm     #  

trash pickup was today and i took my old storm door and the trim to the curb. i had scheduled my pickup for the "overflow and bulky items" in the appropriate fashion.

as of 5:09, no pick-up was done.

posted by Postal on Mar 11, 2010 at 05:09:41 pm     #  

I must be the lucky one. I had extra pick up two different times and had zero problems.

posted by Spaceace on Mar 11, 2010 at 06:30:35 pm     #  

Beginning Monday, February 8, 2010, the City of Toledo will ask residents needing bulk or overflow pick-up to call 48 business hours prior to their collection day to ensure collection. Calls must be received by 4:00 p.m. 48 hours prior to their collection to ensure that homes are placed on the appropriate pick-up route. Homes needing Monday collection of bulk or overflow items should call by 4:00 p.m. on the Thursday before service is needed.

The changes are being made to ensure that residents can continue to rely on dependable pick-up service.

posted by oldsendbrdy on Mar 11, 2010 at 10:06:43 pm     #  

I guess if I have Tuesday collection I have to call Friday before 4 PM since 48 hours before Tuesday a.m. pickup would mean Sunday a.m. call, and they don't take calls on Saturday.

posted by oldsendbrdy on Mar 11, 2010 at 10:11:13 pm     #  

thanks for the info.

because i was calling on tuesday early afternoon, i had a few questions for the city worker. i wanted to make sure of the pickup date (this thursday or next).

he said we were still good for today. i guess not.

we'll see if it works out next week. i'll call again to make sure we're set.

posted by Postal on Mar 11, 2010 at 11:54:58 pm     #  

They just need to simplify it. Schedule two unlimited pick ups per year. You have your stuff out on the designated date. If you have oversized items the rest of the year, hold on to them or take them to the dump site yourself.

Problem solved.

posted by JustaSooner on Mar 12, 2010 at 01:45:26 am     #  

my stuff was picked up this week. hooray!

posted by Postal on Mar 18, 2010 at 09:29:22 am     #  

Justa, I agree. That's the way it used to be done and we had a lot of fun picking thru the huge piles in the OWE as a child. we found a bunch of old 78 classical records that my dad still has after 40 years!! We also took stuff to the dump once in a friend 3 doors down got my old doll house, lol! She and her dad were at the dump right after my dad and I were, saw it, and brought it home, then called me to come see her treasure. She had moved into the neighborhood after I stopped playing with it and had no idea it was mine, hahaha, that was a trip!! We've all gotten spoiled by unlimited unlimited, but the other way fine, too.

posted by nana on Mar 18, 2010 at 10:38:07 am     #  

WAS fine, sorry. Lunch typing, low blood sugar dementia, ;p.

posted by nana on Mar 18, 2010 at 10:39:00 am     #  

kinda funny how they blackmailed us with that "cadillac service" carrot, and now that we're paying all this extra $$, the cadillac is not all it's cracked up to be

posted by billy on Mar 18, 2010 at 10:52:39 am     #  

Yeah, I don't think that they have done it as well as they could have.

posted by bill24 on Mar 18, 2010 at 02:46:59 pm     #  

Had a huge pile out for pick up on Wednesday. They did come and get it Thursday, but they left all of the EMPTY old rubber trash cans. When I called in I was told that the pick up guys probably thought that we wanted to keep them. THEY WERE EMPTY and out in the pile with the rest of the junk. I am happy they finally showed up but they didn't do a complete job.

posted by 1925phil on Apr 01, 2010 at 10:49:31 am     #