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Things to investigate/build in order of priority from highest to lowest:

  1. Build more Google maps mashups
  2. Facebook F8 platform
  3. Google Mapplets
  4. Yahoo! Pipes
  5. Twitter
  6. Socialtext APIs and SocialCalc
  7. Yahoo! user interface APIs
  8. Google Gears

Socialtext Open



"... when it comes to email which is more important? The ability to send emails to people regardless of what email service or mail client they use or the ability to import your contact list from one free email service into another when you switch service providers?"

search: google, yahoo, msn, aol, wikipedia, dmoz, about, mahalo, wikihow,, technorati.

tickler file - getting things done

Sites for normal people and not hard-core nerds


hosted wiki services

jottit page :

Exploring the World of Wikis

[iframe src='' height='380' width='320' />

enterprise wikis

  • socialtext
  • jive software


TG - December 13, 2007

WR - February 07, 2008

SG - February 12, 2008


  • Take photos and upload them to Flickr.
  • Make a video and upload it to YouTube.
  • Organize content with wiki page(s) at pbwiki.
  • Save bookmarks at
  • Post quick-hitters from the road at Twitter via SMS on a mobile device.
  • Aggregate and update info with a blog at Tumblr.

Ruby books

Ruby etc.

Web services

Web services I have user accounts with:

  • Yahoo! [j,t]
  • Flickr [j,t]
  • YouTube [t]
  • Twitter [t,m,j]
  • Upcoming [j,t]
  • Google (maps, video, etc.) [t,m] (email) [j]
  • Amazon [j]
  • Facebook [j]
  • pbwiki [j:lew, t:t]
  • Tumblr [j]
  • mixx [j]
  • multiply [j]
  • [j]
  • wikispaces [j,t]
  • [j]
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