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Buckeyes Behind Bars

Apologies if this has been discussed but what is up with the "Buckeyes Behind Bars" publication? I came across the magazine on Facebook ( and I'm curious if anyone else is disturbed by this.

Who exactly produces this? Is someone really making a profit from exploiting those who are in jail? Are the profits used to help programs that rehabilitate criminals? Where are these images taken from? Who holds the copyright to the photos used and does the copyright holder allow the images to be used commercially?

Asking those questions to the FB page owners got me banned. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

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the pictures are public domain, which is why we now have at least 3 NW Ohio papers like this. I first saw one a few years ago while in florida, and thought that it was pretty genius.

obviously it sucks for the criminals, but for the producers it's free content and they seem to sell like hot cakes.

hilariously, i've had several friends on covers of those papers this last year and it's been a great reminder of why you should avoid breaking laws. :)

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I believe the photos are from the police department and those are public record found on most police sites.

Exposing criminals and/wanted people doesn't disturb me in the least.

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Is someone really making a profit from exploiting those who are in jail?

Dude...seriously? Publication of wanted, arrested, and convicted persons' pictures has been going on for a long, long, long time. Convicts have fewer rights than free persons, and as others have pointed out, their mug shots are public record. The Smoking Gun ,a for-profit website, has a TON of mugshots, including many from celebrities whose image is much more guarded and valuable than "Buckeye #1" and "Buckeye #2".

Locally, here's another example of 'exploitation' in today's Blade. Pictures and a story of their alleged crimes. Exploited? Last I looked, the Blade charges a price for subscriptions and sales. Aren't they too making a profit from those who are in jail? Every single day? Where's the outrage?

Don't want a mug shot on public record to be disseminated? Don't do stupid shit. Otherwise, that picture is fair game for every citizen.

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It's not the part of exposing offenders that offends me, it's that someone is profiting (and probably pretty well) from the mistakes of others. If this was benefitting the state, city or gulp a charity it would not be so bad. How about help the problem rather than exploit/profit from it?

Feel free to jump all over me for this, but I find it hard to believe that the motive behind this is to reduce crime and make the world a better place. It's one way some found to make money by doing nothing but sitting on their butts. I have a hard time seeing those behind this filth as anything other than people taking advantage of a loophole in the law. There is a big difference between news, like the Blade, and this mugshot filth.

Since I'm sure you are wondering, no, I've never been arrested and I don't know anyone that has been in these "publications," I just see one person profiting from the mistakes of strangers as immoral and low.

posted by WalleyeWinger on Sep 05, 2011 at 02:55:34 pm     #  

There's no difference between the Blade and the "mugshot filth" as you term it. They are both press operations. No laws are being broken. Each sells papers based on content, the motive is to make a profit, and publication is guaranteed under the First Amendment. The content for one is exclusively criminal, the content for the other (Blade) is varied.

There's no "loophole in the law". Public record is open to the public.

posted by oldhometown on Sep 05, 2011 at 03:04:51 pm     #  

Walleye, you are to be commended for your decency. I understand what you're saying about the motivation and the ethics of this stuff.

My personal list of Shouldn't-Be-Happening includes distributing candy in elementary schools as a reward for paying attention to visiting speakers ... selling lottery tickets to people who don't understand statistics ... the Blade accepting paid ads for escort services (a TT-er once wrote about the pimps who go to Blade HQ to pay for the ads) ... and people who mistreat animals, whether it's livestock for meat or beloved pets.

Your concern points to a potential opportunity, though: is there something like those crime papers that you could publish or promote, and make sure the proceeds DO go to a cause that you support? I'd buy a copy! :-)

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What's the hurt as we have JAILS that make a profit putting people in them. I mean what's a few paper rags when the real money is in lock up.

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I read the headline on this thread meaning OSU Buckeyes behind bars. Ha!

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Me, too. I thought it was sports talk!

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Its a modern form of the old pillory. I don't see a problem or the harm. Most of those people dont get embarassed anyway. Peed off because they got caught maybe, but not embarassed. If you have enough character to actually be embarassed then this provides a mighty good incentive to behave yourself in the future.

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I'll be a little controversial here... I'm starting to see a little bit of the wisdom of public hangings.



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I was as student at OU when Sooners in the Slammer was a popular national headline.

I thought it was an OSU thread as well.


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