Monitoring Severe Weather

(Combining info from Weather Web Links and JustaSooner's Weather Resource Thread)

Information contained in this thread should not be used as an alternative to weather radios, media, or other means of getting weather warnings/advisories.


Convective Outlooks

SPC Convection (Severe Weather) Outlooks

________ Day 1 ________________ Day 2 _______________ Day 3

Mesoscale Discussions

SPC Current Mesoscale Discussions - Detailed analysis on areas that could receive severe weather.

National Watches

Current Convective Watches

Tornado Watch boxes are outlined in red.
Severe Thunderstorm Watch boxes are outlined in blue.

Regional Watches/Warnings

_____Northern Indiana Warning Area Map ________ Cleveland Warning Area Map____

Color Meanings:

Color Meanings


Hi-Def local radar

Click to view Michigan and Wisconsin areas

Satellite Images

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