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Article source for : Mcdonalds has leased out their drivethrough to.... (india, maybe?)

I am totally disturbed that McDonalds has out-sourced their drive through orders! As in, when you go to Mcdonalds the person taking your order is not AT Mcdonalds but somewhere in a room in (probably) another country. The last couple times i have went there it was an obviously foreign person (think like calling your credit card). When i asked what toy they had, they did not know. When i asked her to check, she said, "I not in store." I was sooo confused and then the normal mcdonalds worked cut in and told me what they toy was.

Is anyone else freaked out by this? I mean, we are to the point where we even have to contract out teen jobs now?

BTW- It was the Mcdonalds in Perrysburg.